Refreshingly simple solutions for complex claims.

Consolidated Claims Group provides insurance carriers with a unique, refreshing customer experience.  Regardless of loss location, peril, equipment type, or seasonality of claim, CCG ensures that every adjuster experiences predictable service delivery on every claim.  Our award-winning Customer Continuum leverages cutting-edge technology, well thought-out processes, and dedicated team members to deliver uncommon results.  Our portfolio companies share and leverage common best-practices for claim diagnosis and processing that provide actionable data used by thousands of adjusters to settle claims with confidence.

HVAC Investigators

HVAC Investigators (HVACi) provides objective assessments of HVAC and Refrigeration damages, exclusively on behalf of insurance carriers, across the country.  We have more than 800 qualified technicians across the United States, and pride ourselves in having an expert investigator within 30 minutes of any loss location in the country.  Our reports help adjusters settle HVAC claims with confidence, based exclusively on the facts.  We are the largest provider of HVAC investigative services in the world, processing many thousands of claims and saving insurance carriers millions of dollars each year.


StrikeCheck is a leading provider of objective assessments of electronic and electronically powered devices.  We have more than 2,000 technicians across the United States, with wide variety of electrical subject matter expertise.  Leveraging a streamlined investigative and report generation process, turnaround times are minimized without impacting the quality of the findings or accuracy of the report.